The Association of Japanese Animations

A greeting of the President


The Association of Japanese Animations(AJA), mainly consisting of animation studios, was established in May, 2002 aiming to preserve and cultivate animation cultures Japan is proud of and promote the animation industry to the world. Working together with the member companies, AJA, the sole organization representing Japanese animation industry, is engaged in various activities for the purpose of development of animation in close coordination with other industrial organizations as well as governmental organizations, both central and local.

Today Japanese animation industry is significantly affected by declining number of children as well as diversification of entertainment media. Also the industry faces social requirements including cultivation of human resources, improvement of working environment, and compliance with laws. It is no longer possible to protect and further promote the animation industry just by producing animation works. Under such circumstances, AJA is expected to make a lot more effort than ever to cope with those difficulties working together with its members since most of the animation studios are small or medium sized.

I was appointed to the President of AJA in April, 2016, and now feel humbled but am filled with a sense of mission to tackle with problems ahead of Japanese animation industry. The year 2017 is the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation. Toward this milestone anniversary, I will do my best to further develop the industry with a view to the next 100 years, cooperating not only with AJA board members but also with all AJA members and concerned parties. I will also work positively to expand Japanese animation to overseas markets in concert with“Cool Japan” strategy conducted by Japanese government.

I appreciate your continuous support to AJA.


The Association of Japanese Animations

Kazuko Ishikawa